It’s Not You, It’s Me


Dont ruin Koh Pha Ngan

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Reading, Seeing and Hearing the outrage from all directions I can understand why we were told never to discuss politics, sex or religion. Then they told us of our government’s holdings of Krupp shares in WW1, and Imperial Japanese War Bonds in WW2.  Then came my own experience of facing an ‘enemy’ in Southeast Asia armed with the same weapons as ours: Sam Colt’s AR15, and some of whose officers had trained with me in England.   (Btw the late Col Gaddafi was in the same group, then a lime-juice-drinking young Lieutenant showing no sign of subsequent extremism except when the choice of dinner was pork or bacon.)

I am reminded of the admonition of the first Zen Patriarch ‘Seek not the Truth nor Cherish Opinions.’  Is anyone right?  Is everyone wrong?  Is there any solution to anything, except exiling their leaders to Koh Pha Ngan, confiscating their clothing, and feeding them mushrooms?

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Dancing In The Fight


Always wonderful uplifting messages from Kris Deva North… my dear friend and teacher. Thank you.

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Shadowy movements at dawn in the park, neither dancing nor fighting though to me it looked like both. My mother danced with Fonteyn and enrolled me in my aunt’s ballet school but I retired at five, so no competition for Billy.

The fighting came later, first at school whacking Fatty Barnard across the ring under the smiling Irish eyes of Father Paddy Noonan, then my chum James to win the Army Garrison title in Malta before being KO’d by a Marine in Hong Kong. Karate in my forties to get fit after a hernia op but longer recovery times sparring with teens and twenties retired me after four stubborn years.

The sun rose on a grace, a flow, on faces as serene as at prayer as they stepped and spun, spiraled and thrust: shamanic theatre enacted under the trees, celestial combat, rooted in Earth and played in the human dimension…

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The Look


Words of wisdom indeed.

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kris deva north ws04 Sitting quietly in the Tao Garden some years ago in the days when I wore the ‘guru look’ I noticed a young man giving me the keen interested glances of someone seeing someone he thought might be a kind of highly evolved spiritual being. I was cultivating the long hair and dreamy countenance of one with his mind on higher things and accordingly bedecked with bracelets and bangles, ear-ring and beads, clothed in kind of ethnic trousers and one of those side-tied shirts that lend an aura of peace and serenity, not to mention the sandals. I’d recently attended a Vipassana retreat too, so obviously was looking pretty holy perhaps even fully halogenically enlightened.

The bow, or was it even a half-crouch, with which the young man approached showed the immense measure of respect with which he had decided to endow me, or at least the presentation of me that…

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Master Your Moods with a Mirror!


Wonderful easy self exercise in ‘mood awareness’ Thank you Kris

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There is a season, and a time to every purpose.

Let’s take the first step: let’s manage our moods instead of our moods managing us.
You will need a few different moods: time spent on mood-practice is seldom wasted.

Mood 1: Look in Mirror. Have you noticed, by the way, that when men look in a mirror they see what’s good, but a woman sees what’s wrong? So when you look at yourself, see what you can do to improve that look.

Smile. Tell Mirror: You are my favorite picture-frame. Practice the smile a few times, in different ways. After a few minutes of smiling, check out how you feel. That’s Mood 1a. Then broaden the smile to
b) a big cheesy grin,
c) a chuckle,
d) a Laugh Out Loud, then
e) Rolling On the Floor Laugh Out Loud – be sure to practice rolling around…

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Time to Walk with Voyage Beyond

The Camino de Santiago
Voyage of awareness – why walk 800 kilometers?

We don’t know what it is to walk 800 kilometers, to carry everything we need on our back, to sleep in albergues or to do our laundry by hand every evening. We will walk without a detailed plan and we will follow yellow arrows. The rhythm of the day will decide where we eat and sleep. This is the story of the camino to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Join me on this 1000 year old pilgrim’s way. More information and to download a brochure:

Unplugged workshop ‘Be the director of your life’ in Chartres, France


This workshop will take you on a voyage of awareness, unplug you from the complexity of daily life, connecting to your voice inside. We focus on creating the right personal conditions so you can align your life purpose with who you are and what you dream of. We will disconnect for the time of the workshop with our telephones and social media. We will be listening to ourselves and others without jugdment. We will be walking the labyrinth in the cathedral of Chartres as part of the workshop. Read on and find out about this unique workshop and for a brochure to download

Voyage Beyond helps you change the world and guides you on a voyage of awareness and conscious change to be the director of your life, aligning your life purpose with your authentic self and intended destination.

Online dating introductions I received in 2013….laugh away.

“Hello Yachty. you look great in your profile. But I am hungry and just dropped my children off at my mothers to have a break and tidy up Add me so I can chat to you. I am George, I am single to and interested in you and your culinary skills”


 ” Lovely lady let me worship you im fat but look good after a few vinos lol x” for his sake I hope he owns a vineyard…


“so i shod not have said hello then sorry if i upset you bye xx”  QUE?


“Hi ,if you would like to chat ,just let me know don’t want to send a massive message if you think iam a dork ,x”

His reply when I asked him to explain why he classified himself as a Geek.  “Ok so to start with I’m very keen on science fiction, both in literature and visual media, for example Philip K Dick and Star Trek (that’s the obvious choice however it gives an idea) now the geek definition comes into play as, using trek as an example, I get beneath the surface and into the history that’s been written for the series ‘Oh god that character is from blablablah’ ‘Hey that’s a D7 klingon cruiser!’ ‘hang on a minute you can’t travel at warp speed from Kronos to earth in 5 minutes!’ that gives am impression I hope (that last comment is almost a direct quote from me whilst watching the most recent trek film) this also extends to mythology and folklore, I could go on, I bet you’re glad you asked now! “


“youve burnt that bloody fish haha, no seriously it looks lovely. Im trying to suss out your ingredients, but a couple i cant be sure of, whats the white thing that looks like a pear”


“What a Fantastic profile!! Colourful ,Vibrant, Spicey8:25 PMOOOOP pressed send without finnishing the message. How boring.8:26 PMWas going to put. spicy and immaculately pesented. Your not tooo bad either!8:27 PMI know. Pretty crap joke. But hey , you can’t blame a guy for trying now can you.A faint heart never won a fair maiden now did it!”

“Hi I’m on the dreamland renovation committee. So where are you exactly? Im near victoria xx”





“i love  y pic  hun”

“I love your hair”  


“…..yes, but can you do egg and chips? …i mean lovely photos, nice honest intelligent profile,…but i could never date a woman who did nt do a decent egg and chips. ;-]”

“Lovely eyes may I take you for a dance under the moonlight and stars whre the brightest shining star will be you my name is Desmond may I request to be able to contact you thank you xx”  Actually this is really quite sweet.



“I know your looking for a younger man but if you take off the VAT I’m only forty two and a half. Do I qualify?”



Hi there, hope u good. ! You could have atleast told me yr name ! I only come on the line to see you and every time I see you I feel hungery–:0) happy new year—)   “My God it’s Hannibal Lector”  


Hi how’s life on your side? Now i’am not mad or crazy!Ok,, your sexy,your beautiful, And you single?? What’s wrong? Do you fart a lot?Do you piss uncontrollably??? Or are the men around you blind?? Xx