Lamb Chops with Rose and Berry Sauce


Lamb Chops with rose and berry sauce – 20 mins and on the table



Lamb Chops, Cherry Tomatoes, Marinated lemon and chilli olives, Green Salad to serve:

Rose and Berry sauce

2 garlic cloves

2 sprigs of rosemary

two cups of red wine

2TBS of kitchen garden blackberry vinegar

15 rose petals

big spoon of cranberry sauce

2 sun dried tomatoes packed  in oil

squeeze of tomato concentrate

pinch of sugar to sweeten to taste


Reduce above ingredients on a slow heat, still syrupy and thick , sieve and press ingredients to extracts juices, keep warm.Season lamb chops and sear in olive oil, with a couple of sprigs of rosemary, throw in a handful of cherry tomatoes in the same pan(they sweeten beautifully) Cook lamb to your liking, pile on plate with tomatoes and lemon and chilli marinated olives(jar bought, and marinate yourself) and  a green salad.

Simples….enjoy..  Sauce also works well with chicken breast, pork or beef, and yummy on a sausage sarnie too:


©ChristinaBridge- pocket chef


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