Empty my mind, Tone my body, Free my spirit

Mind, Body Spirit Festival.

With the intention to Empty my Mind, Tone my Body and Free my Spirit I arrived at the final day of the six day long Mind Body Spirit Festival at the Royal Horticultural Halls on 30th May 2011.

 This festival which originally started in 1977 has certainly materialized and transformed from humble beginnings.  As I felt the mingling of various energies, the realisation hit that the search for Spirituality is quite a lucrative business for those offering a helping hand into the workings of your inner being.

 The first hit was ‘The way of the gong’ three huge gongs met you as you reached the top of the stairs, You could pay to sit in the middle and be gonged….understanding the effectiveness of vibrations on the body, I could see how this could work.  However it did remind me of the beginning of one of those old Rank Films sadly the original Gongster the half naked bombardier Billy Wells was nowhere to be seen.

 Whichever path you were thinking of walking along was available here for a ‘try before you buy,‘ your spiritual awareness was well catered for.  Ayurvedic massage and medicine, crystal healing, Gaia healing, reflexology, Theta Healing, Zen Shiatsu,  Angel Therapy, Hypnotherapy, past life healing, Reiki, Shamanism, and these were just the ones I managed to browse by.

 The British Institute of Radiation Field Photography( Kirlian) photography, big queue for this one, lots of people waiting to get their auras read, I had this done a few years and have to say I do recommend it, as long as you pay for the full interpretation and the recommendations of how to help align your chakras that might be way off the richter scale.. some of the photos on display did attend to some very volcanic red head chakras.  Stress seems to rise much easier than  Kundalini these days. www.kirlianphotography.webs.com

 There was even an old white haired Yogi whose booth was decorated with faded photos of him and I presume various clients, whose palms he had read, what caused me to stop was that he was taking photos of a clients hands with a mobile phone and doing the reading from that.  I am sure there was a perfectly good explanation for this, and so palm reading which has been around since Aristotle’s day has become fully integrated into the modern world….I’m sure somewhere there is an app for that.

 I stopped by the Zen School of Shiatsu and Healing, Tao and NLP, where I have been a student since 2003.  Such a lovely energy at this stand, always busy and still great value for a back and shoulder bliss treatment and part of the proceeds go to Help a London Child, its supported Charity. I had a chat with the lovely Anamarta  who teaches their jade circle sessions for women, she had just returned from learning Rajastani gypsy kabelian dancing inIndiaand looked most divine. Check out all the ways to help others at.  www.learn-shiatsu.co.uk

 Free Meditations on offer throughout the six days ranged from Snake Medicine, Open Heart Meditation, to Connecting with your Gold and Silver Violet flames.  I really would have liked to have visited Sacred Portals- journeying with the angels and unicorns with Diana Cooper, but arrived a little too late.  The ‘Mindfullness for Dummies’ could function as a great marketing tool in today’s workplace. –

 I was very happy to see the Himalayan salt lamps on sale for about £35.00 great value and these really do work long term, a great ioniser for computer contaminated environment and also helps with reducing snoring, Bags of the salt crystals also available(delicious in cooking) and for other uses just add water and 84 natural elements from 250,000,000 years ago are set free, certainly be fun at bathtime.…www.saltylamps.co.uk

 The Loudest Vibrational Buzz however was at the Vitamix Stand, a turbo-blasted blender that on special show offer was £419.00 (this sum could feed a family of four for eight weeks if you do the Sainsbury’s special) .  An incredibly slick demo which turned fruit into delicious smoothies backed by a ten year warrantee, seemed to have pretty much sold out most of their stock.  I can see the attraction of this Turbo-gadget, if you are really going to use it, I’m a chef I rarely use a blender, except to make cocktails (the rapt audience didn’t strike me as the frozen margarita kind of folk).

 They showed how it can chop vegetables in seconds, I know time is of the essence these days, but its actually quite therapeutic to chop vegetables, that’s why traditional cooks are generally quite mellow, lots of chopping, dicing, stirring and love go into a meal, which makes it taste much better and is infinitely nourishing for the body and soul.

 However, as serendipity always takes a hand in these matters, whilst I was flicking through the £20.00 cook book (free if you buy a blender today).  A gentleman asked me my opinion and we started a conversation about nutrition, turns out that we are both working on a couple of nutritional programme ideas, and so swapped contact details, and have since been in touch.

 As the afternoon wore on, I found that my usual flowing conversation with strangers were being somewhat stilted.  Hmmm my intention to Empty my Mind was working.

 I toned my body with a lovely spritz of Angel Aquarian mist, the angel on the stand told me to choose one of the seven different dimensional  essences “don’t think, just choose”…she said. .My hand hovered and went for the ‘Protect One’ quite fitting, being quite a sensitive person my body was being bombarded by so many varying vibrational energies in a short space of time…

 Feeling ‘Protected’ and quite warm I left into glorious sunshine…now where’s the Free Spirit.

 Website:   http://mindbodyspirit.co.uk

 Next Mind Body Spirit event is the Mind Body Spirit Winter Festival –  11th – 13th November 2011 at the Royal Horticultural Halls,London.  





  1. Loved your article! It was reminded me of the hodge podge of people, activities, and energies of the mind-body-spirit shows I have attended and participated in.

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