Time to Walk with Voyage Beyond

The Camino de Santiago
Voyage of awareness – why walk 800 kilometers?

We don’t know what it is to walk 800 kilometers, to carry everything we need on our back, to sleep in albergues or to do our laundry by hand every evening. We will walk without a detailed plan and we will follow yellow arrows. The rhythm of the day will decide where we eat and sleep. This is the story of the camino to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Join me on this 1000 year old pilgrim’s way. More information and to download a brochure: http://www.voyagebeyond.org/english/camino-coaching/

Unplugged workshop ‘Be the director of your life’ in Chartres, France


This workshop will take you on a voyage of awareness, unplug you from the complexity of daily life, connecting to your voice inside. We focus on creating the right personal conditions so you can align your life purpose with who you are and what you dream of. We will disconnect for the time of the workshop with our telephones and social media. We will be listening to ourselves and others without jugdment. We will be walking the labyrinth in the cathedral of Chartres as part of the workshop. Read on and find out about this unique workshophttp://www.voyagebeyond.org/english/workshops/ and for a brochure to download http://www.voyagebeyond.org/english/calendar/

Voyage Beyond helps you change the world and guides you on a voyage of awareness and conscious change to be the director of your life, aligning your life purpose with your authentic self and intended destination. http://www.voyagebeyond.org/english/


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