The Look

Words of wisdom indeed.

Kris Deva North

kris deva north ws04 Sitting quietly in the Tao Garden some years ago in the days when I wore the ‘guru look’ I noticed a young man giving me the keen interested glances of someone seeing someone he thought might be a kind of highly evolved spiritual being. I was cultivating the long hair and dreamy countenance of one with his mind on higher things and accordingly bedecked with bracelets and bangles, ear-ring and beads, clothed in kind of ethnic trousers and one of those side-tied shirts that lend an aura of peace and serenity, not to mention the sandals. I’d recently attended a Vipassana retreat too, so obviously was looking pretty holy perhaps even fully halogenically enlightened.

The bow, or was it even a half-crouch, with which the young man approached showed the immense measure of respect with which he had decided to endow me, or at least the presentation of me that…

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