Fashion Sense

Perfect you are so, so right on with this one. Thank you so much Miro

Warrior Poet Wisdom

Fashion Sense

For many people, what they wear expresses how they feel
Bright and joyous colours show for life they have a zeal
Well tailored and well-fitted shows they are in control
A sharp dressed man or woman shows that they strive for a goal
Unfortunate that most of these well-tailored people speak
With verbal fashion sense that is unfavorable and bleak
If I had one dime for each time a well dressed person whined
I’d have enough to cure the sick and give sight to the blind
Why is it so many put so much effort into
What they wear yet give no thought to weakness that they spew?
They’d never be caught dead wearing some bargain Wal-Mart pants
Yet they don’t hesitate to go on self-important rants
When they don’t get what they want. Frustration! Displeasure! Pain!
The body is adorned in sexiness, but on the brain:

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