Christmas Appeal to the help the orphanages/homeless and refugee Centers in Athens

As most of you may know, I have been in Greece for the past six months, despite all the news reports about violence and riots, somewhat exagerated(bless you world media, for scaremongering reporting).  But the ‘crisis’ ensured that the first thing that got cut was the funding for social care and this includes the orphanages.  By chance through facebook I put a reach out to maybe help with feeding the people at the homeless shelters, I hooked up with Matthew and Marissa Ennis who have been organising this fundraiser for one orphanage and they have had had such a fantastic response from the community that now we can help more and any excess items, will go the homeless and refugee centers.

There is a page where you can donate in funds, but we are also looking for toys, clothes, food, and various other items.  None of the money will go directly to the orphanages, it will be pooled and used to buy food and heating oil (very important) all receipts will be provided.  Please read below and if you can help in anyway message me on here for ways or email me to

Thank you and wishing you a merry xmas from myself and the rest of the Gastronomes around the world.

Initial fundraising link to crowdwise…

This is the update from Organisers Matthew and Marisa Enniss.

EVENT: Christmas Challenge

EVENT DATE: DEC 25, 2014



UPDATE!  With the outpouring of support from the local community, we have been able to collect a lot of clothing, toys and some food as well.  Since there are many orphanages in the area and each have different needs, we are now in contact with many of them and are in the process of coordinating donations to each of them.  Our main focus is still on providing them with food and heat over the winter, and we will start with the homes that have the most dire of needs and move down the list.  We have now decided since the need is so great and there are so many wonderful people who wish to help out and volunteer, we will continue this project for as long as the community will support it.  Due to this, we will be starting a proper webpage in the coming weeks as well as providing full video documentation of what we purchase and of the deliveries to the different locations.  This all started with my wife saying “Hey lets donate a couple bags of stuff to an orphanage for Christmas, and why not post that on facebook and see if anyone else wants to as well”.  It has been amazing what you all have turned this into, Thank you for all your help and support.



The Pikpa Pentelis Orphanage in Pentelis, a suburb of Athens Greece, is so underfunded that the staff there buy food and bring what they can from home so the children do not starve. It has gotten so bad that the staff is not able to feed and cloth their own families. At any given time there is between 30 and 50 children, as of right this moment there are 35 with ages ranging from 4 months to 12 years.  Now it is Christmas time and these kids are about to have a holiday with nothing, no toys, no clothes, and barely enough food to eat (there is a list of items they asked for below). When my wife and I found out about this, we knew we had to act. We personally are giving clothing, toys, and food, but it is just not nearly enough to take care of an entire large orphanage. Help us help these poor children have a Christmas they can truly enjoy, and hopefully provide some funds to be able to provide food for a long period of time. Locally we are organizing some facebook and church groups to provide durable goods like toys and clothing as well as some food. Any help you can provide would be appreciated by many children. All the money donated, no matter the amount, will go towards the purchase of food. My hope is that with a large enough amount, a local grocer and butcher will cut us a deal with the bulk order. That can only happen if we can actually make a large order, so the more that you can give, the more we can provide. Thank you for your support. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


Here is the info about the locations we have so far:

Pikpa Pentelis Orphanage-Terma Ippokratous Palaia Penteli

Idrima Mitera-65 Dimokratias Ave, Ilion-2132015700

Idrima Agia Anna-24 Anexeos, N. Kifissia-2108070814

Pediko Spiti-46 Tsamadou, Peiraius-2104176896

Chatzikiriakio-18 Kleisovis, Peiraius

Panagia Eleousa-5 Konitsis, Ilioupoli-2109715385

Zanio Orphanage-11 Evangelistrias, Peiraius-(cant read my wifes handwriting, will update this one, sorry)

Agia Filohtei Girls Orphanage-Vosporou and Krinis, N. Ionia-2102792707



Photos and videos will be posted in the coming days of the different orphanages we are talking about as well as some of the food items you helped to purchase for them.

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