Christmas Eve Update on Christmas Challenge Orphans Appeal

Okay everyone, here is the latest update.

For now we will be delivering the food that has been donated to two orphanages.

One is the Idrima Agia Anna-24 Anexeos, N. Kifissia-2108070814 this houses 27 girls from age 4-29. We will be delivering to them lamb, potatoes and xmas sweets. and some more packs of dried foods.

The other one is the
The Christodoulio foundation is a legal person governed by private law and is under the Ministry for Health and Social Solidarity. It accommodates girls aged four to twenty three years old. The admition of the girls is possible until the completion of their twelfth year. Nevertheless, the girls can live with us until they feel ready to go into the society as equal members. During their stay at the foundation, the girls go to the neighboring schools and, of course, continue their studies to college and university, with notable success. The foundation continues to support the girls until the completion of their studies and, of course, until they find employment. The supplies they get are useful in their course through adult life and include foreign languages, information technologies, music, traditional and modern dancing, housekeeping and others. There is also psychological and speech therapy, wherever needed, as well as a warm and homely environment. After the end of her studies, each girl will become autonomous and choose her own path in life, without losing contact with the house she lived and grew up in. Each of our girls knows that our door will always be open for anything she needs, in whichever phase of her life she may be.

I have to say MASSIVE thank you to those of you in the community who have helped with this appeal.

We will be continuing this in the days and year to come. And hope to be able to help so many more orphanages and refugee and homeless centres.002

Pocket Chef and the Gastronomes are delighted to be supporting these foundations and happier to feed the poor.


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