Kris Deva North Interviewed by Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

I am so lucky to have trained with Master Deva North and also Mantak Chia.

Taoist Training Universal Healing Tao UK


TCUGB: How long have you been practicing Tai Chi and what got you going?

KDN: I had to get fit following a hernia operation.  On a boring morning jog I saw a sign on a church hall: ‘Karate!’  For four years I practiced Shotokan finding, in my forties, it took longer to recover from injuries than when I had boxed, played rugby and polo in my teens and twenties.  Seeking self-healing I discovered Shiatsu, and Tai Chi.

A group of friends and I would gather in Holland Park of a Sunday and practice under the tutelage of young Master John Ho before going to Chinatown for Dim Sum.  I met Kung Fu Master Kapo Don, who told me of the work of Mantak Chia.  On my way to Japan for postgraduate Shiatsu training I stopped over in Thailand and spent three weeks learning with Master Chia.  Three weeks turned into…

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