News From the Greek People. ‘My spirit breathes freely in Greece, thank you for returning my breath’

_My spirit breathes freely in Greece, thankfb

My dear Friends

I am sorry about the terrible effect the world press reporting has had on Greece, it is mostly unfair and uncaring just to ‘get their name in print’ or to selll another headline.  I remember from when I lived in America they had the saying ‘If It bleeds, it leads’ and this is exactly what is happening with alot of the coverage about what is happening here.

And so, to alll my friends old and new, to my fellow chefs, writers, photographers, film makers, actors, shepherds, archeologists, historians, and some of you who I’ve known so long  I call you family.  If you would like to share honestly with me what is happening on your islands.  Also to my friends who have been on holiday to Greece this year, your stories would be so precious.

I know that the ATM’s have money, there is food on the shelves, and yes the people are worried and scared.   But maybe share with me a lovely story, I know I have so many to tell about my twenty years of coming to Greece.

This is not a political piece, this is a story about the Beauty of Greece and her people, their strength, their genorosity, those who give the most when they have the least.  (please note it is not about me, I am just a way to get the story to the world.

Feel Free to post them here, or send to me in a private messsage, and I will incorporate them into an article which I willl share and let’s share across our networks.

To make this brief those of you who know what myself and Team KEFI have been doing since September 2012:  Check out our page Four Seasons of Greece

And to add to this, since I came back here on April 24th, I have met so many wonderful people, whether they are Greeks by birth, or because they live here and are proud to calll it their home.

I don’t work for any main press and don’t get paid by anyone to write what I do (anymore… apparently the Truth doesn’t pay) and so I make my living by feeding people as a chef. I will be away from Greece for a short while, but leave my spirit here as it is where it feels most at home.

Ehferisto Poli Kookles and Kouklas.


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