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Born in London in 1969 I have lived, worked and travelled extensively in Europe, North America and the Caribbean, in my professional career as a super yacht crew, chef and travel writer and photographer. I am based between London and Athens and continue in my role as a private chef and freelance writer and photographer.  I give immersional insight into cruising itineraries, city guides, gastronomic pieces, career tips for hospitality personnel, investigative pieces and other adventures.  I have been published worldwide, in the yachting and travel press.

I am currently in production of a series entitled Four Season of Greece…

To learn and see more about what I do please also visit my website.


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  1. Hello Christina,

    I’ve just read your focus piece on Features Exec and I would love to speak to you about Almond Resorts, the original all-inclusive premium resorts in Barbados and St. Lucia. We are looking to arrange familiarisation trips for the media to experience everything that Almond Resorts and the Caribbean have to offer. Would you be interested?

    We are keen to showcase Almond Beach Village, which is the second largest property on Barbados and the first Almond Resort to open in 1993. Set on a sugar plantation the resort offers unique landscapes and the perfect background for an Almond Resorts wedding. You will be able to experience the brand new exclusive Praana Spa where you can indulge in special treatments, massages, facials and much more. I can send you more specific information on the spa packages, if you like.

    Twin centre press trip: An opportunity to stay at the Almond Resorts group in both Barbados and St. Lucia, illustrating the benefits of a twin centre holiday as the best way to experience the Caribbean. Good opportunity to showcase a family holiday. Tailor-made excursions to suit your needs will be organised to showcase the best of the Caribbean. This trip can be arranged anytime during the year on a single or group basis depending on the demand and the angle of the feature.

    Please find below a sample itinerary for one of our trips:

    Arrive Barbados
    Day 1: visit all Almond Resorts, including newly refurbished Almond Beach Village, dinner and overnight stay at Almond Casuarina
    Day 2: Activity, e.g. Catamaran tour around island, swimming with turtles etc, relax, dinner at the Cliff restaurant and overnight stay at Almond Casuarina
    Day 3: Relax, fly to St Lucia, tour of resort, dinner and relax
    Day 4: Return to UK

    Let me know what you think. For further information and images of each of the resorts please log onto http://www.almondresorts.co.uk

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Best wishes,

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