Four Seasons of Greece – Project KEFI : Τέσσερις Seaons της Ελλάδα

Four Seasons of Greece – Project KEFI : Τέσσερις Seaons της Ελλάδα

4 March 2015 at 12:24

 Here is the overview of what Team KEFI(The Gastronomes) conceived in May 2012 and began filming in September 2012.

 Project KEFI presents ‘Four Seasons of Greece’ An Educational, Entertaining, Travel and Food Documentary Series, showcasing the diversity of Gastronomy,History, Culture, Sport and Geography of Greece and her People.

With a nod and inspiration from  ‘Floyd on Food’ and Michael Palin’s ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’. With references to Homer’s Odyssey


Each episode begins in Athens, showcasing a different aspect of the city connected to the title.  From there, the crew travel by either boat, plane, train or car to each of the other parts of mainland Greece, and to the various groups of  Greek Islands. We’ll visit the Cyclades, Northern Aegean, Saronic, Sporades, Dodacanese, and Ionian Islands, as well as the islands of Crete and Cyprus.The crew, led by main presenter Christina Bridge (chef, sailor, travel writer and photographer), will discover what really lies at the heart of each group of islands, sampling food festivals, sailing regattas, music festivals, open air theatre, and much more along the way.

Every episode will feature guests presenters from each of the subjects covered. For instance, Greek chefs cooking together, sailors, divers, historians, actors, singers sports personalities. There will also be a visible interaction with the production team, and of course the public.Four Seasons of Greece will be presented as four series of six episodes, with each one attributed to a particular season.  as an example Christina’s search for the perfect lamb dish (one of her all time passions)

Our First season was filmed in Sifnos (centenary Tselementes Gastronomic Festival)  Syros, (family life and architecture,)  A visit to Tetramythos Winery in Pelopenese, Ionian islands, where we took a 50ft yacht and filmed around the islands of Ithaca, Skorpios, Lefkada and well as the Ionian Regatta and Athens, where we cooked alongside Maria the owner of the oldest taverna in Athens.

This will soon be premiering on Globetrotter TV.

After spending six months in Greece and her islands last year 2014, meeting many wonderful people along the way, I have some great locations and I am now in the process of pre-production for our next ‘Lamb Shoulder Season’  where we will be filming Greek Easter, Family cooking in Dionysos, Road trip to Delphi, Cooking and Archery with Spartan Warrior foundation,Koryvantes a bit of exercise with the Greek Calisthenics Movement, visiting some of the lesser known museums in Athens.  Taking a yacht and sailing to some of the smaller islands in the Cyclades.  (and this is just a rough outline)

If you are interested to be involved with our production(funding, crew, locations, ideas) please contact me for further details.

A big thank you to: The Municipality of Sifnos. Hotel Alkyon, Syros, Activity Holidays, Allan Gauci and Dimitris, Athina and Despina from Athens Walking Tours, Maria and Pericles from Klimataria, Danae Travel, and Tetramythos wines.  And also cannot ever forget my Satyr Mou Nickolas Emmanouil for translating all the documents into Greek and invaluable research and excellent co-presenting and cooking skills. For Season One.

Apart from the invaluable assistance from the companies above, this was entirely self funded.

Watch out for our trailer coming very soon.  xxx


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